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Speakers of Bromley is the biggest and most successful speakers' clubs in the south of England. Based in south east London, its record of developing its members in presentation and leadership skills is second to none. Our commitment to community projects over the last three years has been recognised at the ASC District Conferences by consecutive development awards. Come and join us in the pleasure of self-improvement.

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Speakers of Bromley is for people who enjoy public speaking or who want to improve their presentation skills.

The benefits of speaking well in public are increased self-confidence in social situations, interviews and greater promotional prospects at work.

Meetings are structured yet informal and allow participants to develop in a friendly and supportive setting. Most importantly, it's a lot of fun and you'll make some good friends too.

You'll learn how to overcome 'butterflies' with simple preparation techniques. Learn how to get your point across. Learn the secrets of effective communication from those that practise them professionally every day. Within a short period, you'll learn skills that will last a lifetime. The sooner you start, the longer the benefit.


Speakers of Bromley is a voluntary organisation run by professional officers. Its sole objective is to improve the presentation skills of its members.

The club's fees are just £34 per year and £3 per meeting. You will not receive a better quality package in the art of presentation skills anywhere in the country for this price.

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