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Speakers of Bromley is affiliated to the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC), a national body that oversees standards and coordinates district, area and national competitions.

The ASC is committed to teaching the art of effective speaking through practise and evaluation.

It does not employ professional lecturers or speakers but draws upon the experience of its membership (who have all suffered the fears and lack of confidence themselves) to help evaluate and encourage newer members.

Within the atmosphere of friendly club gatherings the ASC offers a well proven approach to learning and improving effective speaking - both prepared and impromptu.

We rely on our tried and trusted Speakers' Guide which is available to all ASC members.

We develop our members into better speakers, not just for formal events like dinners, but for any occasion where someone is called upon to say a few words.

Club meetings are organised to guide the speaker through a series of logical set assignments.

The ASC manual provides guidance on each of ten basic assignments, as well as an advanced section, with helpful advice on chairmanship, impromptu speaking and evaluation.

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The first assignment is 'The Icebreaker'. This is the point at which the novice speaker begins to Achieve Speaking Confidence. The speaker is invited to make a short speech, about themselves, their hobbies or interests.

The next assignment's title is the watchword for everyone who gives a speech: 'Mean What You Say'. Here the speaker is asked to speak with feeling and passion about a subject close to their hearts.

Each speech is evaluated by a more experienced member who gives views on the performance and advice for improvement. This is the keystone to success. Because there are no hidden agendas, positive peer feedback gives the developing speaker the confidence to improve.

The advice is invaluable. It covers how to use body language in a positive manner, how to prepare notes, how to modulate the voice and how to hold an audience by good eye contact.