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Speakers of Bromley in association with Beckenham Speakers Club is presenting a Christmas 2006 video special with a theme related to The Beatles.

The Beatles with Speakers of Bromley and Beckenham Speakers Club

On Wednesday 20th December 2006, ten intrepid volunteers will present a two minute speech and the theme will be the title of a Beatle's song.

The speeches will be videod and then uploaded to the world wide web for the purpose of an evaluations competition.

The unusual aspect of this project is that you, the web surfer will be the evaluator and judge.

The following Beatles songs will be used:

From me to you

Hard day's night

Eight days a week

Ticket to ride


The long and winding road

All you need is love

Let it be


Ling Fluent Ling Fluent
RĂ¡pido aprendizaje de idiomas


There will be a web form where participants can vote for their top three speeches as well as give a piece of advice to each of the three speakers.

The results will be announced at the Association of Speakers Clubs National Conference in Hammersmith, April 2007.