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How many of us remember our first venture into public speaking via the school debating route?

It's where many of us start and it's where many of return to for that cutting edge, confidence building, point scoring, electrifying experience of debating.

Many clubs run debates, debating evenings and debating competions up and down the land and debating is having something of a resurgence.

Speakers of Bromley is proud to offer on this page the ASC Debating Guide written by Mike Douse of Cardiff Speakers Club.

Mike Douse is the leading authority on debating skills having taken part in over 200 debates in his long and distinguished speaking career.

Mike Douse is also the driving force behind the World School Debating Championships which took part in Wales this summer. Mike Douse is an international educationalist who travels the world bringing educational possibilities currently to countries like Lesotho and Burma. Mike is also an affiliate and advisor to the College of Public Speaking.

ASC Debating Guidelines ASC Debating Guidelines by Mike Douse