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Speakers of Bromley Speakers Club Speakers of Bromley Speakers Club
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Winners of the District President's shield for achievement & innovation 2005

The club offers a rich and varied programme of events throughout the year:

Thu11th May 06AGM
Tue16th May 07Sussex Pride - Redhill
Thu25th May 07Club Evening
Thu8th Jun 07Club Evening
Thu22nd Jun 07Club Evening
Thu13th Jul 07Club Evening
Thu27th Jul 07Club Evening
Thu10th Aug 07Club Evening
Thu24th Aug 07Club Evening
Sat26th Aug 07Ripley Arts Centre Garden Party
Thu14th Sep 07Club Evening
Thu28th Sep 07Club Evening
Thu12th Oct 07Club Evening
Sat14th Oct 07Speaker of the Year Dinner - John Sentamu
Thu26th Oct 07Club Evening
Sun29th Oct 07District Team Speaking Competition, Russell Hotel, Maidstone
Thu9th Nov 07Club Evening
Sat17th Nov 07Beckenham Festival: 4pm - Theme: When does on adventure become an ordeal?
Thu23rd Nov 07Topics Contest
Thu14th Dec 07Speech Contest
Thu11th Jan 08Evaluations Contest
Thu25th Jan 08Club Evening
Thu8th Feb 08Club Evening
SatFeb 03rd 08Area Finals
Thu22nd Feb 08Club Evening
Thu8th Mar 08Club Evening
Sun11th Mar 08District Finals, Russell Hotel, Maidstone
Sat22nd Mar 08Club Evening
Thu12th Apr 08Club Evening
Thu26th Apr 08Club Evening
27th-29th Apr 08 National Finals, Blackpool

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