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The South-East District of the Association of Speakers Clubs is one of the most successful in the organisation. Year on year it produces great results from great speakers.

District Executive Committee Minutes - 12th June 2005 (Word doc)
District Education Seminar Notes from 12th June 2005 (Word doc)
District Executive Committee Minutes - 2nd October 2005 (Word doc)
District Executive Committee AGM Minutes - 12th March 2006 (Word doc)
District Executive Committee AGM Minutes - 4th June 2006 (Word doc)
ASC A5 Promotional Leaflet - 14th August 2005 (Excel spreadsheet)
ASC Club Benchmark - 18th August 2005 (Word doc)
ASC Stationery / letter head - 22nd September 2005 (Word doc)
ASC sample spreadsheet for club Treasurers - 17th February 2006 (Excel document)
ASC meeting analysis for club Education Officers - 17th February 2006 (Word document)

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James (left) wins the 2006 National Speech Contest at Carlisle on 29th April. In a stunning speech based on the current water shortage in the south-east, James beguiled the audience with the winning combination of humour allied to a strong message.

tephen Street put in a sparkling performance at the National Evaluations Contest in Carlisle on 30th April 2006. Stephen's fellow contestants included a former National Evaluations winner and third place from 2004, as well as other experienced National finalists. However, Stephen put in a marvelous display, in remember, his first year of competition and thoroughly deserved his success.