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This project is supported by a Living/Learning Grant, funded by the London South Learning and Skills Council and the European Social Fund.

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with Bromley Field Studies Centre

Angus, Glen, John and Ann.

Ann-Marie's comments: I've enjoyed this course as it's taught me things I could use in future. If I had the chance to do another course, I most definitely would.

Comments from Angus: Very useful and enjoyable. I learnt a lot in a short time and I could have done with a longer course.

John's comments: I found the course really enjoyable and it's encouraged me to investigate using digital cameras and editing. I only wish it was a 7 to 14 day course, otherwise a massive thumbs up!

Glen's comments: Good course - should have been longer.

Cavon, Ricardo, Ismail and Roy.

Cavon's comments: I've really enjoyed this media course. It's done a lot for me. I've learnt many things from this.

Ricardo's comments: The media course was a brilliant course but it was far too short. It should perhaps be a two or three week course with more resources and a recognized qualification at the end. Thanks Vince, it was brilliant.

Ismail's comments: I think the course is very good and I learnt a lot in a short period. Thank you and God bless you.

Roy's comments:

Very good - needs more time.

Fay, Alan, Gillian and John.

Fay's comments: The media skills course has been good and has increased my ability to produce DVDs. I've been part of a team which I've enjoyed and my confidence has improved.

Alan's comments: I learnt a lot in three days from Vince. I'm into media as it is and now I've got important pieces of the puzzle to help me further. Vince made it very easy to understand and helped me to construct my own DVD with music and still images. I just wish I had more time on the course. Thank you.

Gillian's comments: The course has opened my eyes to the possibilities with regards to media skills. Working in a relaxed atmosphere with a team has improved my confidence.

John's comments: This project has been very enlightening into the world of digital media which will help me in the future.

Chris, Agron, JIm amd Geraldine

Comments from Chris: I think the course has been very interesting and I have learnt a lot from it. Including the basic skill of using digital cameras and moving pictures. Plus I enjoyed the interviews of the group.

Agron's comments: I enjoyed the course very much. I enjoyed the team. I would like to know more about this course. I am happy.

Jim's comments: It was very good fun, a great project but too short. I had a good team and a good time. Thanks to all those who took part.

Geraldine's comments: I thought the media course was very good. Vince was a good tutor. I learnt a lot about digital cameras and photography. I enjoyed it very much

Richard, Angela, Emma and Gordon

Richard's comments: I enjoyed the course. It was informative and interesting on new things about computers etc. I didn't know about cameras, video and pictures. It's given me confidence to learn new things. It was fun and I'd like to spend more time doing this.

Angela's comments: I enjoyed the course very much. It has given me confidence and I would like to have more time to get involved a bit more.

Gordon's comments: New knowledge and update of current trends in IT. Needs longer training periods over weeks as opposed to days.


Peter, James & Chris

Jinx – cos'è?Peter's comments: Very good content but far too short.

James' comments: I really enjoyed the course. It should have been longer so that we could go into more detail.

Chris' comments: I enjoyed the course and found it very informative. I wished it was longer than the 3 days.


Daniel, Anneka & Gavin

Gavin's comments:It was really helpful in getting to know how to use the cameras and making DVDs with the software/hardware provided.

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Tim, Marlon, Amy & Chris

Tim's comments: Learning techniques with media equipment that showed me how to compile a portfolio of a project.

Marlon's comments: I learnt how the equipment worked and found the course very enjoyable. It was interesting to see how to change the quality of the pictures on the laptop.

Amy's comments: I liked the course and learnt a lot.

Chris' comments: I enjoyed it very much and thought it was useful.

Tony, Nick, Carla & Dave

Tony's comments: I found the media skills course highly interesting although I would have preferred it to be longer.

Nick's comments: I found the course very interesting and being out of touch with digital cameras etc very enlightening about advances in technology. But I wish the course was longer than 3 days.

Carla's comments: Very helpful, interesting, varied and never boring.


European Social Fund Project


This project is supported by a Living/Learning Grant, funded by the London South Learning and Skills Council and the European Social Fund.