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Gerard and Ann see the completed seminar screen for the first time and are delighted with the art work and the outcome.

Speakers of Bromley have acquired permission from the Glades shopping centre to display the seminar screen on Saturday January 7th as well as hand out leaflets to potential members.

More people will become aware of Speakers of Bromley in one day than in 18 years of operation. This is a great opportunity for the club and the ASC to raise its profile.

Your personal presentation skills are the difference between success and the word we never mention at Speakers of Bromley

You only have to make one successful speech, one successful presentation to make the difference. Look at David Cameron's speech compared to David Davis'. The difference in presentation skills was remarkable. One was open and flowing, the other presented a rather flat presentation reliant on notes without spontoneity. Which form of presentation skills would you prefer to have?

Come along to Speakers of Bromley and we'll help you to create your own personal style of presentation skills which will have the positive impact that you and your audience deserve.

The Glades Shopping Centre is owned by CSC Capital Shopping Centres and is based in Bromley, Kent.
Winners of the District President's shield for achievement & innovation 2005

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The Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley, Kent, CSC, Capital Shopping Centres